Xerox DocuShare® 6.6.1 Update 3 Release Notes

What's New in this Release

  • DocuShare Enterprise configurations now allow the Content Map and Show All button to be enabled. If you are an administrator, you can enable the features on the Site Configuration page in the Administration UI. See the Upgrade Notes below for more information.
  • Members of the Site Administrators group have access to Object Properties in the Administration UI, even when the group is removed from the Content Administrators group.
  • A confirmation message displays when a permission change is made to a large number of objects. This allows the change to be cancelled, if needed.
  • The License page in the Administration UI explains the purpose of the Concurrent Login Sessions field.
  • New version of the Mobile Client Connector to support the Android version of the Xerox Mobile Client for DocuShare (when available).
  • Support for Firefox ESR 24 web browser.
  • Support for PostgreSQL 9.x database.

Upgrade Notes

Manually start IDOL to upgrade the reference index

After upgrading to DocuShare 6.6.1, manually start IDOL in order to upgrade the reference index of the existing data index. Depending on the size of the current reference index data, startup duration could be lengthy.

For a single instance of IDOL, use the following procedure:

  1. Stop DocuShare.
  2. In a command window, run AutonomyDiSH.exe.
  3. Then run AutonomyIDOLServer.exe. This command starts content.exe.
  4. Look for the startup status in ds/IDOLServer/IDOL/logs/content_application.log.
    If startup takes longer than 15 minutes to complete, a message that the AutonomyIDOLServer failed to start appears in the log. Ignore this message. Content.exe will continue to run.
    Startup has finished when the message ACI Server attached to port 9010 appears in the log.
  5. After the startup finishes, check the application log for errors.
  6. If there are no errors written in the log, do the following:
    1. Stop AutonomyIDOLServer.exe and AutonomyDiSH.exe by using Ctrl-C, or the Task Manager, or kill the processes.
    2. Start DocuShare.
  7. If there are errors written in the log, do the following:
    1. Allow AutonomyDiSH.exe to continue to run or restart the .exe it if it is not running.
    2. Stop AutonomyIDOLServer.exe by using Ctrl-C or by killing the process.
    3. Edit ds/IDOLServer/IDOL/AutonomyIDOLServer.cfg by adding RegenerateRefIndex=TRUE under the [Server] section.
    4. Manually start AutonomyIDOLServer.exe and wait for startup to finish.
    5. When startup has finished, edit ds/IDOLServer/IDOL/AutonomyIDOLServer.cfg by removing RegenerateRefIndex=TRUE that you added in step c.
    6. Stop AutonomyDiSH.exe and AutonomyIDOLServer.exe.
    7. Stop content.exe if it is still running after you stopped AutonomyIDOLServer.exe.
    8. Start DocuShare.
For multiple instances of IDOL, please contact DocuShare Customer Support.

Improved verifyContentStore utility

  • An improved verifyContentStore utility checks and fixes incorrect file sizes of document rendition files. The utility now includes -quickCheck_content_size and -quickFix_content_size options. These options make it easier to check for and fix the issue. This issue can affect some sites after upgrading from 6.0.1 or 6.5.3 to 6.6.1. If your organization monitors the Repository Use report or enforces user quotas for Document Content Size, then you should run the verifyContentStore utility after upgrading. The utility is located in the <DSHOME>/bin directory.

Upgrades and DocuShare on 32-bit operating systems

  • If you are upgrading a version of DocuShare that is running on a 32-bit operating system to release 6.6.1, you must follow a specific upgrade procedure. Refer to the article titled "How to Upgrade to DocuShare 6.6.1 64-bit from a Previous Version of 32-bit DocuShare" in the DocuShare Knowledge Base.

Content Map and Show All button after an upgrade

  • After installing the update, the Content Map and usage of the Show All button are disabled and will need to be re-enabled, as needed. If you are an administrator, you can enable the features on the Site Configuration page in the Administration UI.

Send daily and weekly notifications before an upgrade

  • Before upgrading to 6.6.1 from releases 5.x and later, ensure that daily and weekly email notifications are sent and cleared from the queue to prevent loss of pending notifications. Refer to the DocuShare Installation Guide for more information.

Re-indexing IDOL search indexes may be required after upgrading

Some upgraded servers may have an existing problem where objects with multiple parents were not properly indexed for search. At a convenient time, after upgrading, run the following command to find and index these objects:

multipleparents.bat/sh {option}

Options: -h (Help); -debug (set log level to debug mode); -index (automatically index affected handles. The command does not ask if you want to index the objects.)

Note: Indexing may take a long time to complete on sites with a large number of multiple parent objects. Alternatively, you can run the dsindex utility with the index_all option after upgrading to index the multiple parent objects.

System Requirements Notes

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express is not supported on Windows Server 2003. It is supported on Windows Servers 2008 and 2012 only.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express requires .NET Framework 3.5 to be installed on the Windows Server 2012 R2 before installing DocuShare 6.6.1 R2.

Windows Platforms

Upgrades and URLs and virtual root path names

  • When upgrading to 6.6.1 Update 3, make sure all URLs and virtual root path names are in lowercase only. Otherwise, DocuShare will not restart.

Solaris Platforms

Full re-index or full export/import of the IDOL search indexes required

Installation of release 6.6.1 on a Solaris server installs a 64-bit version of the IDOL search and index engine. Therefore, if you are upgrading from 6.5.3 to 6.6.1, you will need to re-index your site. You can use either of the following methods for re-indexing.

Note: If you already installed DocuShare 6.5.3 Patch 2 Hot Fix 3, then you do not need to re-index your site. You can proceed with the upgrade.

Full Re-index

  1. Upgrade to 6.6.1.
  2. Run index_all.

Full export/import of indexes

  1. Before the upgrade, export the index data by running
    >idoltool -s export <exportdir>
    <exportdir> is the full pathname to an existing, empty directory. The export operation is best done during off hours. The typical export speed is 45 minutes per one million objects (content indexed).
  2. Upgrade to 6.6.1.
  3. Import the index data by running
    >idoltool -s import <exportdir>
    <exportdir> is the same directory used in step 1. Again, the import operation is best done during off hours. The typical import speed is approximately 6 hours per one million objects (content indexed).

Language Pack Requirements

  • You must install the language packs for 6.6.1 Update 3 if 6.6.1 Update 1 or Update 2 language packs were installed. Therefore, after installing 6.6.1 Update 3, install the language packs for 6.6.1 Update 3.

Additional Notes

Multiple DocuShare instances on the same server

  • If you have other instances of DocuShare running on the same server, make sure those instances are running before installing additional instances.

MIME Type assignment method

  • New installations of DocuShare 6.6.1 set the MIME Type Assignment Method to use the file extension algorithm. Upgrades to DocuShare 6.6.1 preserve the existing MIME Type Assignment Method setting. If you are upgrading to 6.6.1 and the MIME Type Assignment Method is set to use the file content algorithm, it is strongly recommended that you change the MIME Type Assignment Method to the file extension algorithm. Using the file content algorithm consumes system resources, which can affect performance. To change the MIME Type Assignment Method, use the Site Management | MIME Types page in the Admin UI.

Plain text conversion in content rules

  • The plain text conversion option is no longer available for a content rule convert action. on Solaris and Linux platforms

  • If the RMI port number for the DocuShare site is a value other than the default (1099), add the JVM parameter "${newRMIPort}" to For example:

    java -cp ${MY_CLASSPATH}${DOCUSHARE_HOME} -Dverbose=false -Xms256m -Xmx512m "$@"

Fixes in the Release

AR Number SPAR Number Description
22379   Added a new dsserverMem.bat command line utility to force garbage collection. See the DocuShare Command Line Utilities Guide for usage instructions.
26956 77587
The default value for a custom date property can now be set to null after the custom property is created.
Fixed issues with setting a date using the calendar date chooser. The issues affected setting dates for Quick Search and Change History functions.
27414 81015 Fixed an exception error when saving a routing slip.
27859   Fixed text formatting issues for comments on the document properties page.
28076   Restored the ability to disable an email notification on the notification properties page.
28096   The reported number of objects indexed no longer restarts when using dsindex -continue.
28702   The dsindex index command now calls autorecovery when failed object handles are written to the recover index table.
86840 Fixed ORA-12899 error when long file names are used with document routing.
28932 87383 Email notifications are sent to all recipients with syntactically valid email addresses. Previously, email notifications were not sent when the list of recipients included an invalid email address.
28980   New options added to the dsindex command. See the DocuShare Command Line Utilities Guide for usage instructions.
28981   Added JVM parameter for the command to allow setting the RMI port if it has been changed from the installation default port of 1099;${newRMIPort}
  Titles now display as plain text and are no longer truncated when the Block unsafe HTML markup in object property displays option is disabled.
29333   Timeout value increased in the IDOL AciConnection.
29346 71322 When a new document version is added and the document content fails to index (unrecognizable text, encrypted, password protected, timeout, etc.), the abstract for the document will be NULL. Previously, the abstract from the preceding version was displayed.
29347   Security fix to backend database processing.
29494 88635 When using Internet Explorer versions 9 through 11, the performance is improved for displaying the Quick Search page when menu properties have approximately1000 menu items.
29506   Added timeout check for IDOL Index jobs.
88386 Fixed java.lang.NullPointerException error causing update and patch failures when installing on a site with multiple IDOL content stores.
88766 Performance improvement to DSWorkflow.exe to reduce CPU utilization and enhance workflow routing events processing.
29590   The dsindex index_all job no longer counts files twice when there are import errors.
29693 88892 Fixed duplicate display of Uploaded draft by User-X message in the My Tasks window.
29712   Fixed out-of-memory issue when DBCopyTool is used with an Oracle database.
29713   The idoltool -s resetserver all command now clears the index directories in the content directories when the data index directories are not located in the default location.
29714   The dsindex command now supports date ranges. See the DocuShare Command Line Utilities Guide for usage instructions.
29792   Users no longer receive email notifications for documents unless they have read permission.
29834   Fixed a memory leak from logging SQLWarnings.
29857   Fixed a timing issue between FileSystemFetch and IDOL proxy that intermittently caused some objects to not be indexed.
30069   A document approval routing task that includes an escalation no longer remains active after it has been disapproved.
30079   Routing task notifications are now sent when email messages exceed 1024 characters.
30156 89494 An improved message displays when you try to create a search term using Or with the equals or contains characters operator.
30161   Dump files are now stored in the logs directory.


  • Underscore character and searches: Contrary to what is stated in the User Guide, the underscore character (_) is not an alphanumeric character.

Additional Information and Support

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